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At Rent One we often have members of our team that serve our communities in multiple ways — EMS, Firefighters, and National Guard members are commonly found in our stores. The strong desire to serve matches well with our core values to help others. In January we had one of our active National Guard members called to serve at the Capitol during the inauguration.

We sent many well wishes his way and Kyler said:

“Quick shout out to my team! Not many companies would bat an eye when they see the National Guard on someone’s resume, but for Rent One to give me the opportunity to put my skills to use was a blessing! For the six months I’ve been at Rent One I have been activated by the guard for civil unrest four different times. Not one of those times did my store manager give me any issues. I appreciate everything this amazing company has done for me and supported me every step of the way. Keep the prayers coming in the coming days for me and my guys here at the Capitol.”

Thank you, Kyler, for your service and dedication to our country.

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