Delivery Technician

Job Description

We challenge our Delivery Technicians to go above and beyond to positively impact the lives of our customers every day. DTs are independent and driven, completing what needs to be done from the delivery and set up of products to the refurbishment of pre-owned goods. Successful DTs are always improving their mechanical aptitude, technical know-how and moving skills. As the backbone of our company, DTs are highly valued team members!

You’re best at:

  • Meeting goals
  • Making decisions
  • Repeated tasks

What this role requires

This role requires a love for people, negotiating skills and advanced problem solving instincts! Your moving skills, knowledge of local geography, and on-the-spot decision making abilities will be exercised.

A day in the life

A day in the life of a Delivery Technician varies, but regular activities include:

  • Safe, organized, efficient, and courteous delivery of merchandise to customers;
  • Maintain cleanliness of store, merchandise, and vehicles;
  • Assist with setting up and maintaining the showroom floor;
  • Assist with maintaining accurate account agreements, reporting and paperwork;
  • Assist our Store Managers in daily activities as needed.

Benefits & Perks

Our Delivery Technicians are dedicated, flexible, hardworking and task oriented. The pay range we’re offering is competitive with opportunities for you to maximize your earning potential through performance incentives.

  • We offer a 60-day certified training program to increase your skills and pay;
  • We also conduct regular reviews and offer opportunities to advance.

Benefits & Perks

Rent One is a diverse, family-oriented workplace where you’ll form relationships that last a lifetime. Our aim isn’t to manage you; motivating is more our style!

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