About Rent One

In 1985, Rent One was founded with the goal of making quality merchandise accessible, while providing exceptional customer service. Putting these values into action, Rent One has grown to include over 100 stores across the heartland. Rent One is committed to being the best regional rental-purchase company in the United States.

Making Our Mark On History

We bought our first 5 flagship stores.

Thanks to the dedication of our employees, Rent One was fortunate enough to open these 5 flagship stores. They brought on 40 active employees in the southern Illinois region and provided over 1,250 customers with quality products.


Rent One joined the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations (APRO).

APRO has continually allowed the RTO industry to thrive—protecting the industry and helping compose laws around the maintenance of industry-standard practices. APRO allows us to recognize three employees as employees of the year—the highest honor an RTO employee can achieve. In addition, more than 10 of our employees and clients have received scholarship grants from APRO to attend colleges around the United States.


We hit 20 stores!

With 20 stores, Rent One housed 150 employees, plus a formal corporate office staff and four regional managers. Our client base increased to over 5,000. By this point, we’d been helping community members enjoy cold milk, entertainment and clean clothes for over 10 years.


Rent One rebranded and the company vehicles were updated.

At Rent One we continually update our stores and company assets to best serve our clients and employees. In 2006, we began our first process of updating and renovating our stores and vehicles.


We held our first Delivery Tech rodeo.

The DT rodeo provides a competitive environment in which delivery techs get to use their daily knowledge and skills to compete against other techs. They learn and grow from the experience as they build relationships and enhance their job skills. Setting time aside once a year gives them something to look forward to—from a competitive and educational standpoint.


We hit 50 stores and opened locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

As a result of this growth, 4 more regional manager positions were added, as were 2 regional director positions and 3 vice president positions! Including the corporate office staff and leadership, the company now provided jobs for over 350 employees, while serving 15,000 clients.


A second rebranding effort commenced.

In 2014, we began the process of overhauling 70+ locations and 250 vehicles in order to provide our clients and employees with the most modern and up-to-date experiences. We installed wood flooring, curtain separators and incorporated natural colors into our stores to provide a comfortable and modern shopping environment for our clients. We also started the process of removing older fleet vehicles to ensure the safety of our employees.


Owner Larry Carrico received the Lifetime Achievement Award from APRO.

Over the past 25 years, Rent One has been a pivotal leader in the RTO industry. With CEO Larry Carrico at the helm, Rent One has always been a leader in this innovative field. He has been recognized with numerous awards—his most prestigious being the lifetime achievement award, which he received for his continued dedication to the RTO industry in 2015!


Rent One adopted its first certification program.

In 2015, we began offering on-the-job certification, allowing our employees to take learning to a new level. Certifications ensure that our employees are not only recognized with pay increases but also with tangible certificates they can take with them as they move from job to job within Rent One or outside of this company. These certifications help provide employees with the assurance that they know and understand their jobs and are able to preform at the highest level possible.


We started our online Facebook support group.

With over 80% of our coworkers in our private Facebook group we share everything from daily motivation and business to big life events. We look to celebrate not just your work life but your home life as well. We average over 20 posts a day and regularly hold contests or giveaways that are related to everything from sales to fun meme challenges!


We began on our new training and career path initiative.

Rent One now offers the premier on-boarding and certification process in the RTO industry. We take the time to educate, certify and set goals with all of our employees—guaranteeing that whether they stay for 5 months or a lifetime, they are informed employees!


We purchased 14 new locations, increasing our location range to 10 states!


We restructured our leadership to include 3 additional VP’s, helping support our coworkers in the field.


We purchased 32 new locations increasing our total service area to over 100 locations!


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