Manager in Training (MIT)

Do you want a fast track to management?

As an experienced leader joining our team in our 90-day fast track to management you’ll be on the go from the start! In the first 3 months, you’ll take your management experience and combine it with learning Rent-to-Own to make you our next store manager superstar. Willingness to relocate, drive to succeed, and eagerness to learn will propel you over the top in this position.

Job Description

We look for dynamic leaders to train to be future managers. The job requires multitasking, decision making, organization, and on occasion negotiating. It will also test your sales and collections abilities. To complete the package you will be asked to put your best design foot forward in managing a showroom floor, new and used inventory, and a backroom waiting for deliveries.

You’re best at:

  • Problem-solving
  • Employee relations
  • Customer service
  • Asset management

What this role requires

Our MITs are dedicated, flexible, opportunistic, leaders, and problem solvers. When they get an interruption they stop, listen, make a decision, and move forward. Managers are independent and quick learners — in our fast-paced environment there is always something new to learn!

A day in the life

A day in the life of a Manager in Training varies, but regular activities include:

  • Ensuring accurate store cash and inventory control;
  • Ensuring the store is running at maximum performance and efficiency through proper employee scheduling, delegation, and completion of tasks;
  • Ensuring the store and merchandise are clean, attractive, and organized;
  • Interacting with customers in the store environment and assisting in credit control at customer’s homes;
  • Ensuring rental forms, customer accounts, and paperwork are accurate and complete;
  • Ensure all vehicles are in proper working condition through daily visual inspections;
  • Hiring and training new employees and evaluating performance.

Benefits & Perks

  • We offer on-the-job training to support you in your role.
  • We also foster advancement opportunities through regular reviews, coaching and AIM program.
  • Closed Sundays, holidays, and nights.
  • We also offer 401K, Health, Life, Dental, and Vision insurance.


  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Excellent multi-tasking, decision-making, and organization skills;
  • Must comply with drug-free workplace program and pass post-offer mouth swab drug test;
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a driving record that complies with organizational standards.

The Manager in Training position is not a permanent position. As a participant in the MIT program, you are fully expected to complete all your required training within your first 90 days. You may be offered a Store Manager position between your first 90 and 120 days and must accept the 1st or 2nd store offered to you within that time frame.

If you decline a total of two stores that are open and offered to you, you will be transferred into an open position in the closest store to the store you are training in. You must be willing to move/relocate to the city/town of the open store you are being offered if that store is more than 30 minutes away from where you live.

Benefits & Perks

Rent One is a diverse, family-oriented workplace where you’ll form relationships that last a lifetime. Our aim isn’t to manage you; motivating is more our style!

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