At Rent One, we advocate for our coworkers to prosper in multiple ways. 

Apply and Prosper This August

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We here at Rent One know that to prosper means different things to different people. To some people it may be more time with family, to others it may mean a work environment where they are happy and in a position to save more money. At Rent One, we advocate for our coworkers to prosper in multiple ways. 

Today’s Focus: Free Perks & Reimbursement Programs Offered at Rent One

Prospering in your overall health is important to us, and we have 4 main programs we utilize to accomplish this:

UCM Health

UCM Health is an app all of our coworkers have access to for FREE regardless of if they have health care with us or not. UCM Health provides an on-call medical team 24/7 to help our coworkers with most medical needs, allowing them to avoid Urgent Care, doctor appointments and ER visits. They assess your current need through phone call and picture submissions and will write a prescription as needed or schedule further appointments for your medical needs on your behalf!

Gym Reimbursement

Another health benefit we provide is up to $200 a year in gym membership reimbursement. All gyms are included in our reimbursement from yoga to CrossFit to traditional workout facilities. If you’re pumping, we are paying! We understand the benefits of a good workout.


Wellbeats is our FREE fitness app for all coworkers! Think Beachbody meets meditation meets cooking classes. This app has it all! Our #1 most popular class is our 5-minute desk meditation followed closely by yoga. Rising in popularity, the cooking courses and body sculpting classes are starting to take off. Wellbeats offers over 500 classes ranging from 2-minute to 1-hour activities spanning a variety of equipment, exercises and skill levels. Our coworkers love it, and we are sure you would too!

Book Reimbursement

Eager to learn more? We LOVE that! Each year we will purchase up to $200 in books for you to read on subjects related to your position. We’ve bought everything from books on sales to organization and refurbishment. We encourage all of our coworkers to expand their expertise and grow from within. We are happy to help you on that journey!

At Rent One, we love helping our coworkers reach their goals, and we strive to provide programs that allow you to prosper in multiple ways! Check back with us throughout the month of August as we share more ways our coworkers prosper!


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