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Our Values

at Rent One

Everyone is important—our clients, our communities and our co-workers. We’re especially dedicated to helping our employees achieve their aspirations, and we continue to cultivate a workplace culture rich with opportunities for professional and personal growth. A healthy work-life balance isn’t just possible at Rent One, it’s promised. Working with us is a great job but an even better career!

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Do you want to build it?

This job requires exceptional interpersonal skills, a passion for tackling projects and a perfectionist approach! It will also test your tinkering abilities, moving skills and refurbishment talent. You will be asked to aid the store manager in daily activities.

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Do you want to gather it?

A position of this type requires a love for people, negotiating skills and advanced problem solving instincts! Your moving skills, knowledge of local geography, and on-the-spot decision making abilities will be exercised. Expect to aid the store manager in daily activities.

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Do you want to manage it?

Our future managers are dedicated, flexible and opportunistic leaders and problem-solvers. When faced with a challenge, they stop, listen, make a decision and move forward. Managers are independent and quick learners. These traits are crucial in our fast-paced environment where there is always something new to learn.

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Do you want to sell it?

A sell-it role requires multitasking, decision-making, organization and, from time to time, negotiating. It will test your sales and collections abilities, and you will be asked to aid the store manager in daily activities.

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Benefits & Perks

Rent One is a diverse, family-oriented workplace where you’ll form relationships that last a lifetime. Our aim isn’t to manage you; motivating is more our style!

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Working for Rent One isn’t just a job;
it’s a journey!

From gaining knowledge and building expertise to making new friends who feel a lot like family, Rent One provides team members with an opportunity to grow—professionally and personally.

Stories of Rent One

We value people on a personal level. From the ownership of the company all the way down to the newest members of our team.

Team Highlights

Take a look at our digital scrapbook, where we spotlight meaningful moments in the lives of our employees and customers.

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